Mostly Music Backline is a full service musical instrument and backline rental company located in Toronto, Canada.

Do you need complete backline for a tour? Do you have a fly date in southern Ontario? Do you want a reliable kick pedal or guitar amp for your festival showcase? We can help.

Ph: (416) 989-5186, (416) 690-9920



Equipment for Rent

This list reflects our current inventory. Additional items are available on request.

Guitar Amplifiers & Cabinets

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Bassman - '59 Re-Issue Combo (4x10")
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Bassman 1964 Blackface (blonde tolex)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Bassman 2x12 Cabinet (blonde tolex)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue (1x12")

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Excelsior (1x15")

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Hot Rod Deluxe (1x12")
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Hot Rod DeVille (4x10") & (2x12)

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Princeton Recording Amp (1x10")

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Pro Jr (1x10)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender "The Twin" (Red Knob)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Twin Reverb '65 Reissue
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Twin Reverb Silverface w/JBLs
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Twin Reverb Silverface w/Jensens

circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM800/50 watt
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM800/100 watt
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM900/50 watt
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM900/100 watt
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM2000/TSL100
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM900 1960A 4x12" Slant Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM900 1960B 4x12" Straight Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall JCM800 1960A 4x12" Slant Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall 1960 4x12" Vintage Straight Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifMarshall 1936 2x12" Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifMatchless Chieftain CH-40 Head
circle01_blue_1.gifMesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - 3 Channel
circle01_blue_1.gifMesa Boogie Triple Rectifier - 3 Channel
circle01_blue_1.gifMesa Boogie 4x12" Slant Cabinets
circle01_blue_1.gifMesa Boogie 4x12" Straight Cabinets
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland JC-120 Combo (2x12")
circle01_blue_1.gifVox AC-30 6/TB w/Celestion AlNico Blues

circle01_blue_1.gifVox AC-30 C2 w/Celestion Greenbacks

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circle01_blue_1.gifFender Stratocaster Standard (USA)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Telecaster Standard (USA)

circle01_blue_1.gifGibson Les Paul Standard

circle01_blue_1.gifMartin D-28 Acoustic (w/LR Baggs Element pickup)

circle01_blue_1.gifOvation Standard Balladeer Acoustic (w/LR Baggs Element pickup)
circle01_blue_1.gifTakamine EF341 Acoustic (w/pickup)

circle01_blue_1.gifTaylor 310CE Acoustic (w/pickup)

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Bass Amplifiers & Cabinets

circle01_blue_1.gifAguilar DB751 Head

circle01_blue_1.gifAguilar DB410 Cabinet

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 2-Pro (all tube)

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 3-Pro (hybrid)

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 810 Cabinets (1970s vintage)

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 810E Cabinet

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 410HE Cabinet

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 410HLF Cabinet

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT 15E Cabinet

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT (1970s vintage)

circle01_blue_1.gifAmpeg SVT CL Head

circle01_blue_1.gifAshdown ABM900 EVO II Head

circle01_blue_1.gifAshdown 410T Cabinets
circle01_blue_1.gifEden World Tour 800 Heads

circle01_blue_1.gifEden Metro Combo (2x10")
circle01_blue_1.gifEden D-410XLT Cabinets
circle01_blue_1.gifEden D-115T Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifEden D-210T Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifGK 800RB Head

circle01_blue_1.gifGK MB-150E III 1x12 Combo
circle01_blue_1.gifHartke HS115B 1x15" Cabinet
circle01_blue_1.gifHartke HS410B 4x10" Cabinets

circle01_blue_1.gifMark Bass SA450 Head

circle01_blue_1.gifSWR SM-500 Head
circle01_blue_1.gifSWR Goliath II 4x10" Cabinets


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Electric Basses

circle01_blue_1.gifFender Jazz Bass Standard (USA)
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Precision Bass Standard (USA)

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Drum Kits


DW Collector's Series Black Velvet

  • 20x17 - 22x16" bass drums
  • 10x8" 12x9" suspended toms
  • 14x14 16x16 floor toms
  • 14x5" Collector's Series Brass snare


Ludwig 1966 Mahogany Marine Pearl

  • 22x14" bass drum
  • 13x9" suspended tom
  • 16x16" floor toms


Pearl Reference Copper Fire Sparkle

  • 22x18" bass drum
  • 8x7" 10x8" 12x9" 13x10" suspended toms
  • 14x14" 16x16" 18x16" floor toms
  • 14x6.5" Reference Brass Snare
  • 14x6.5" Steel Snare


Sonor DeLite Birdseye Cherry

  • 18x17 20x17 - 22x17.5" 24x17.5 bass drums
  • 10x8" 12x9 - 12x10" suspended toms
  • 14x14" 16x16" 18x16" floor toms
  • 14x6" DeLite Snare (Black)
  • Additional shells available on request


Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute - Silver Sparkle

  • 18x16" 20x16" 22x16" 24x16" bass drums
  • 8x7" - 10x7.5" - 10x9" - 12x8" - 12x10 - 13x9 - 13x11" - 14x12" - 15x13" suspended toms
  • 14x14" - 16x16" (2) - 18x16" floor toms
  • 14x5.5" Maple Custom Absolute snare
  • 14x6.5" Maple Custom Absolute snare


Yamaha Recording Custom - Cherry

  • 22x16" bass drum
  • 8x8" 10x7" - 10x10- 12x10"
  • 13x11" 14x12" suspended toms
  • 14x14" 16x16" floor toms


Additional Snare Drums



DW 14x6.5 Performance Maple Snare

Ludwig 14x5 Acrolite Snare

Ludwig 14x6.5 Supraphonic Snare

Pearl 13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signature Snare

Pearl 14x6.5 Free Floating Brass Snare

Yamaha 14x5" Steve Gadd Custom Birch snare

Yamaha 14x6.5 Mike Bordin Signature Copper Snare

Yamaha 10x5" Maple FX snare






circle01_blue_1.gifLP Blast Blocks (green & yellow

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Galaxy Giovanni Tumba, Conga, Quinto, Requinto

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Classic Tumba, Conga, Quinto

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Cowbells (Black Beauty, Timbale, Ridge Rider)

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Gajate Bracket
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Generation II Bongos
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Jam Blocks (red & blue)
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Percussion Table w/Everything Rack
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Shakers
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Studio Series Windchimes

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Surdo 18x18 w/legs

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Tito Puente 13" & 14" Timbales
circle01_blue_1.gifLP Tito Puente 9" & 10" Timbalitos

circle01_blue_1.gifLP Tambourines (assorted)
circle01_blue_1.gifRemo "Paul Mattiolli" Djembe 25x14 (Key Tuned)

circle01_blue_1.gifRemo Djembe 27x16 (Key Tuned) w/Gibraltar Stand
circle01_blue_1.gifRhythm Tech Tambourines
circle01_blue_1.gifSabian Cymbals
circle01_blue_1.gifZildjian Cymbals

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Keyboards & Amps

circle01_blue_1.gifEnsoniq TS-10

circle01_blue_1.gifHammond XB-2 Organ
circle01_blue_1.gifHammond B3 Organ w/Leslie 122 Speaker
circle01_blue_1.gifHohner D6 Clavinet
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg M1
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg O1/W FD
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg SV-1 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifKorg T-3
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg Trinity 61 (w/SCSI)
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg Trinity Pro X 88 (w/SCSI)

circle01_blue_1.gifKorg Triton LE 61
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg Triton Pro 76 (w/MOSS, SCSI & 64MB)
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg Triton Pro X 88 (w/SCSI & 64MB RAM)
circle01_blue_1.gifKurzweil PC-88 Digital Piano (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifNord Electro III 73

circle01_blue_1.gifNord Stage 76 (76 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifNord Stage 2 HA88 (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifRhodes Stage 88 Mark I Electric Piano
circle01_blue_1.gifRhodes Suitcase 73 Electric Piano
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland D-50
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland JV-1080 Module

circle01_blue_1.gifRoland Fantom X7

circle01_blue_1.gifRoland Fantom X8 (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland RD-600 Digital Piano (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland RD-700 Digital Piano (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland RD-700GX Digital Piano (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifRoland VK-7 Organ
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland XV-5080 Module
circle01_blue_1.gifWurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha P-80 (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha P-250 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha CP-300 (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha S-90 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha S-90ES (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif 8 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif ES-7

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif ES-8 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif XS-6

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif XS-8 (88 weighted keys)
circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha Motif XF-8 (88 weighted keys)

circle01_blue_1.gifRoland KC-550 Amp

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circle01_blue_1.gif6-Pack Guitar Stand
circle01_blue_1.gifBoss FV-500L Stereo Volume Pedal
circle01_blue_1.gifBoss TU-2 Stage Tuner
circle01_blue_1.gifClearSonic A5-5 Drum Plexi

circle01_blue_1.gifClearsonic A2-4 Amp Plexi
circle01_blue_1.gifFender Tube Reverb Unit
circle01_blue_1.gifGibralter Roc-n-Soc Throne
circle01_blue_1.gifIomega Zip 250 Drive SCSI
circle01_blue_1.gifKorg DT-1 Rackmount Tuner
circle01_blue_1.gifManhasset Music Stand w/Light
circle01_blue_1.gifQuik Lok QL642 2-Teir Keyboard Stand

circle01_blue_1.gifQuik Lok Z-726L 2-Teir Keyboard Stand
circle01_blue_1.gifQuik Lok WS-550 Digital Piano Stand
circle01_blue_1.gifRoland EV-5 Expression Pedal
circle01_blue_1.gifSteed 120-240V Step-up Transformer
circle01_blue_1.gifUltimate Apex 2 or 3-Teir Keyboard Stand

circle01_blue_1.gifUltracase GSX-6 Guitar Boat

circle01_blue_1.gifUltracase GSX-8 Guitar Boat

circle01_blue_1.gifYamaha FC-7 Expression Pedal
circle01_blue_1.gifYorkville IKS-2 X-Frame Stand
circle01_blue_1.gifYorkville PB-1 Keyboard Bench

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circle01_blue_1.gifShure SM 57
circle01_blue_1.gifShure SM 58

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Mixing Consoles

circle01_blue_1.gifMackie 1202VLZ

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